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The true power of our product is that our Quality Management Software solution is paired with a team of product consultants who ensure customer success. They are your “go to” for implementation, training, and best practices within the system. With an average training and implementation satisfaction score of 4.89 out of 5.0, this team is exceptional at what they do.

Powered by Our People

We love when our customers take time to give feedback about how our team has impacted them through training and support. Below you’ll find 19 amazing pieces of such feedback that speak to our commitment to our customers.

      1. Qualtrax appears to have a wealth of informational capabilities and we are just scratching the surface.

This feedback gets us excited! Our product is comprehensive and powerful–we love knowing that this reality emerges in our training sessions. We also love that as our customers grow and develop their quality systems, our product can evolve in step.

      2. His forensic laboratory experience is definitely an added bonus.

      3. I like [Carey and Susie’s] forensic background as that helped to make the demonstration appropriate to what we do and can do with the system.

Yes, yes, and yes! We love that our team is stacked with industry experts. They can personally empathize with the pain points of our customers and therefore make suggestions for how to best implement our product.

      4. I would say [Patrick] is a great asset to your company!

Kudos to Patrick, and our other product consultants, for shining during trainings! Yes– these consultants are huge assets to our organization. They help bring our software to life and ensure our customers’ success during implementation.

      5. [Susie] would make a great expert witness in court.

Funny you should mention it…. She used to do exactly that! Susie came to us with 12 years of Forensics experience, which included duties as an expert witness.

      6. Kudos to Patrick! He did an amazing job engaging everyone who participated in our training.

      7. [Patrick is] very personable and knows the product backwards and forwards.

High-fives, Patrick! We’re proud to have an amazing team of individuals who love both people and software. Their knowledge is invaluable, as is their ability to serve our clients!

      8. Tim was able to convey all the necessary information to an audience that had never worked with a program like this before.

      9. We look forward to working with [Carey] some more as we grow with Qualtrax.

The size of our staff is conducive to both supporting all those who need it, while also providing individualized, one-on-one help. As Project Managers, they guide our customers through the implementation process to ensure immediate and long-term success.

      10. [With Tim] we never felt rushed.

      11. [Carey’s] tone of speech is very relaxing for such an intense training session.

      12. Tim does a great job explaining the workflow process and all the intricacies involved.

Going through so much information at once can be overwhelming. We’re intentional in making sure we deliver strategies, tools, and explanations in a way that makes it all feel manageable.

      13. Carey was one of the best instructors I have seen.

Woohoo, Carey!! What an amazing compliment!

      14. Both [Patrick and Warren] are also really friendly and they can make good jokes! 🙂

Well this is fun! Good to know that our team isn’t just talented in training, but also in comedy!

      15. Susie had a great sense of humor and kept us on task.

      16. Susie was just brilliant! Very bright, live and engaging instructor. The training with her was more like an interesting game play, not a boring lecture.

      17. [Susie] may have been the best instructor I have had for any training to date in my career.

      18. Susie is clearly enjoying what she does.

She does!! Susie finds joy in facilitating and in watching Qualtrax change the lives of its users.

She is incredibly gifted at melding fun & function. She is a delight to have on staff, because of her excellent training skills, personable nature, and extensive knowledge of Qualtrax. What an honor to have received such incredible feedback!

      19. The staff is obviously well-versed in the needs of their customers and have exceeded all of my expectations.

We try every day to ensure that our customers feel heard & validated, and that their needs are met. The quality and expertise of our team is a differentiator that allows us to truly help customers navigate compliance in a way that minimizes frustrations and maximizes on continuous improvement. If you don’t yet know this team–we hope you soon will!

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