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One of the big reasons we hold the User Conference is to create a space for Qualtrax customers to come together and share knowledge, both as professionals and experts in their respective fields and as Qualtrax Super Users. It’s a place for learning, not just about Qualtrax, but about quality compliance as a whole, about industries apart from your own, and about leadership and management. Both of our Keynote presentations will offer invaluable insights for quality management leaders, helping you improve and refine your leadership style and better your quality compliance systems.

Keynote Presentations:

Tim Osborne, A2LA, “Risk-based Approach to Accreditation”  

Our Super Keynote PresentationsQuality compliance management not only demands strong leadership, but a superior understanding of and experience implementing accreditation best practices. And there’s no better way to understand and implement best practices than hearing directly from the accreditors themselves.

Tim Osborne is the Senior Director of Training Services at A2LA. Previously, as the Director of Quality for Trescal, Inc., he provided private and public training on management systems, quality control and metrology. Through NCSLI, he served as a technical expert to ISO Working Group (WG) 44 which was responsible for the crafting of ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

All organizations under ISO compliance are faced with understanding and meeting risk management requirements. The risk based approach to accreditation can be unfamiliar to many. During Tim’s keynote presentation on “Risk-based Approach to Accreditation,” you’ll learn how to incorporate risk management into your systems. A2LA will provide best practices you can take back to your team regarding ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020 and ISO/IEC 9001 standards.

Jeff Smith, Voltage Leadership, “Finding and Retaining Key Talent in Today’s Competitive Environment”

Being a quality compliance manager requires exactly that: management. So how can you, as a leader in your workplace, successfully recruit and maintain the top talent in your industry? Jeff Smith will be sharing his expertise on the topic, so you can be an even stronger leader in your company.

Jeff Smith is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voltage Leadership in Roanoke, VA, and has served as an executive coach since 2001. He draws from over 20 years worth of experience working as an executive in human resources and operations roles for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Through a collaborative approach, Jeff helps his clients cast vision for their professional & personal lives and draft plans so they can succeed.

In the face of record low unemployment, you still need top talent. How are you going to find that? Are you noticing an uptick in people leaving to go take other jobs? Do you have too many people saying ‘that’s not my job!’ Are you unsure on the best way to motivate and engage your top talent? If these are some of the challenges that you are facing, then Jeff’s keynote presentation on “Finding and Retaining Key Talent Today in a Competitive Environment” is a can’t miss.

Join Jeff and the Qualtrax team to learn tips for motivating and engaging your employees, for successfully recruiting top talent for your workplace, and how to recognize your key employees.

Our User Conference also serves as a space for us to learn from all of you super users who are using Qualtrax in innovative ways to transform your quality compliance. We have lined up impactful sessions geared for you to make the most of your Qualtrax experience. A highlight of topics scheduled include:

Two Powerful Systems, One Solution: Integrating Your LIMS and QMS

Qualtrax Workflows Used to Meet TNI Laboratory Accreditation

ROI for your RMA Process

Getting Ready for your Audit

Expanding the Use of your Qualtrax System within your Organization

Preparing workflow data to meet Management Review

Incorporating Risk Based Accreditation Requirements into your Workflows

Using Qualtrax for a Transition Audit

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