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With the implementation of our continuous delivery model, you’ve probably already seen the newest feature in the Qualtrax toolkit: Qualtrax Dashboard. If you haven’t, this blog will highlight some of the features that are now available.

The idea behind Qualtrax Dashboard is to give quality managers and those with system administrator permissions the ability to look beyond their own personal to-do list and take a look at the organization as a whole.

Qualtrax Dashboard has the same look and feel of the My Dashboard feature, which we released in September of last year. Click here to read an in-depth overview of what the tool is capable of. This blog will focus primarily on the differences between the two views.

One of the primary differences between My Dashboard and Qualtrax Dashboard is that you cannot click through the Qualtrax Dashboard to the inbox. Because My Dashboard shows only the tasks assigned to you personally, it makes sense that clicking through will take you to your actual task list. Qualtrax Dashboard, on the other hand, is designed to give you an overview of the organization, but won’t let you access the personal tasks assigned to other users or teams.

Your system administrator can grant access to Qualtrax Dashboard by enabling the permission “View System Dashboards.” This permission can be granted to any user or group to allow access to the Qualtrax Dashboard feature.

We hope that this new view will provide an even more valuable look at the processes that are currently in place at your organization. When we released My Dashboard, we were already working on this feature, betting that it would be a valuable addition. Based on the feedback we received, that was a good bet! Many of your responses to My Dashboard included a request to be able to see the whole picture – organization wide – not just your own personal tasks. Another request we saw with regularity is the ability to view dashboards by group, giving you the option to narrow your view while still looking beyond your own personal tasks.

On that note, we do want to remind you that we decided to release our Dashboard tools as a Beta feature. While we are proud of the work that has been done and happy that you have found these tools useful, we always desire to improve their functionality and ensure that you get the best user experience possible.

Please keep sending your feedback – comments, concerns, likes and dislikes – by clicking on the yellow/orange “FEEDBACK” button next to the My Dashboard and Qualtrax Dashboard header. We’re listening, and your contributions are very important to the continued success and development of the Qualtrax platform!

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