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When we announced our successful ISO 9001:2015 audit, we discussed how using our product in-house was a major factor in our success. Making compliance a habit keeps our processes organized and running smoothly.

So how do our workflows help our company in concrete ways? Jackie, who directs our Human Resources Department, uses Qualtrax for onboarding new employees as well as for organizing company information.

The onboarding workflow begins the moment we send an offer letter. “Usually, we have about two weeks until the new employee starts, which means we need to get moving quickly,” Jackie explained. All of the information required for onboarding is within that workflow, so Jackie and the team can move rapidly through the process without missing a step. Jackie is also able to direct new employees to the internal directory within the Qualtrax system; they can see pictures, titles, contact information, and other necessary information about their fellow employees to familiarize themselves with the team before they start.

Onboarding & Organizing

Like with most companies, we have an orientation process for our new employees during their first few days on the team. Before Qualtrax, this would require the new employee to sit at Jackie’s computer for 30 minutes at least to receive the necessary workplace safety, harassment, and bloodborne pathogen trainings. That wasn’t a very effective system, and required Jackie to alter her schedule as well as sacrifice valuable orientation time with every new employee. Instead, “all training videos are uploaded onto the Qualtrax system ensuring everyone receives the same training within the same time increments,” Jackie said. Utilizing the software in this way allows new employees to complete their trainings around their individual onboarding schedules. The built-in accountability systems of the Qualtrax workflows makes certain employees complete the training within the necessary timeframe. Jackie doesn’t have to worry about tracking employees down, or reminding them to complete the trainings; Qualtrax sends automated reminders to them until they complete the necessary forms and training sessions. The system frees up Jackie’s time to speak with new employees about culture, upcoming events, benefits and ways in which to assimilate into the company.

For Jackie, our Qualtrax system also helps manage and organize employee information. By granting administrator privileges to everyone in the system, Qualtrax employees can access general employee information at any time. “I have HR folders within the system with benefit information, job descriptions, training outlines and organizational charts,” Jackie said. “Employees all have access, which saves plenty of paper because I don’t have to print out this information every time an employee has questions. Instead, I can just point them to the folder.”

While every employee has a list of tasks to welcome them to the team, Jackie has personal lists within the onboarding workflow so she can remember what to discuss when she meets with them. These onboarding steps and lists ensure accountability on Jackie’s end as well, and makes certain she covers all the necessary information for new employees.

A process like onboarding is extensive, but must be uniform across the entire company. Qualtrax workflows make sure every new employee is given the same training and same information, and ensures that those same expectations and trainings are accessible to everyone within the company. We’re certain that all of our employees are aware of updated procedures and processes, which makes sure our company runs smoothly!

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