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Need to make an update to your controlled documents but don’t have time to apply it one-by-one across hundreds or thousands of files? Qualtrax has your solution!

Use the new Header Footer Updater tool to apply the header, footer, and macro information from an approved template to any number of controlled documents in your Qualtrax system. In a few clicks you can update your documents to contain a new corporate logo or fix a nagging typo.

Use Case: You need to insert a new field/variable for “Facility” into the footer of all of your controlled work instructions. The new field shows the facility where each document is used. Qualtrax automatically update its value along with the other variables during each future revision.

So once you’ve approved and published an updated version of the Work Instruction template to include the new Facility field, you open the Header Footer Updater.

Select the updated template. Select from your document tree which work instructions to update, including entire folders’ worth of documents if desired.

Add the comments you’d like applied to each document’s history. Tell it to increment each document’s revision number up one or leave it on the current version number (this decision is yours according to what constitutes a major or minor revision). Then click Apply Template.

The progress of each selected document is shown. Each document’s history is also updated to reflect the necessary details of this event. And like with any revision in Qualtrax, all previously published versions are retained for reference.

That’s it… in a few clicks you can update any number of controlled documents. How much time will this save you when you need to make an update to the info contained in the header or footer area of your documents? Upgrade to the latest release to start using the Header Footer Updater today.

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