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mainShorter version: We’ve got a new website! Check it out at

Longer version: As we put the pieces together for the new site, we were emphatic about one thing: our website must represent who we are and what we believe.

You might ask, who are you and what do you believe? To answer your question, check out our Core Values. We don’t take them lightly. They are the fiber of our company. We keep ourselves to them, and we ask you to keep us to them.

So … new website and core values. What am I getting at? Simply this: our core values are not only listed on our website. They are exhibited by the site itself.

Seriously, check it out:

  • Always Be Transparent and Honest – We want to openly discuss what we are doing to make the Qualtrax product and services even better for the people that we serve. 
  • Love What You Do – We all love what we do. We love the people that we help and we love the people that we work with. Our new website really shows our personality and that we truly love what we do.
  • Challenge the Status Quo – Some companies can be stiff, but that isn’t who we are. We challenge the status quo in all of our decisions and we want the website to represent that.  
  • Create Something Great – This website itself really is something great. We didn’t settle for average, mediocre, or just ok. We don’t do this with our product and we shouldn’t do this with our website.
  • Never Stop Learning – We continually learn and change and grow, and our website will do this as well. 
  • Give Back – We give back to our community and share the great work that members of our company do for our region. 
  • Every Day is a New Opportunity – This website is a new opportunity for us, to provide more educational insight, to showcase our customers and to really share what Qualtrax is all about. 


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