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The basketball craze has already begun and Qualtrax is taking part this year!

Our theme for 2016 is “Sweet Sixteen” and is accompanied by the famous Qualtrax game ball! To us, the game ball is a constant reminder to work together and develop as a team.

Various employees who embody a single or many core values will be passed the game ball. These individuals are acknowledged during the morning meeting and have complete bragging rights like Ryan Hagan. Hagan will give the game ball to another employee, one of his choice, that exemplifies a core value.


Hagan with the Qualtrax game ball

Our core values are very important to Qualtrax as a company and the represent us in the ways that we all think, speak, and act.

  • Always be transparent and honest; nothing matters without this
  • Challenge the status quo; to find a better way
  • Create something great; or else why do it
  • Never stop learning; it is in our DNA
  • Give Back; and use your talents to make a difference
  • Every day is a new opportunity; to write the next chapter

But the game ball is not all! In addition to March Madness, we celebrated by having some fun, food events such as a cookout, breakfast, and surprise lunch. During each gathering different Qualtrax teams reported on their progresses and updates.


Qualtrax team huddle


St. Patrick’s Day surprise lunch!


Karen giving the Qualtrax team an update on the User Conference


Marketing interns give an Open House update


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