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We had an amazing time at the User Conference this year, but what did our customers think?

Customers to Customers

“Great opportunity!  Loved talking with others and discovering some things we didn’t know before.  Do it again!”

“Very good to hear from a customer that is using QT currently and to see how they incorporate it in their field.”

“Presenter provided hands-on experience from a non user of Qualtrax to implementation of Qualtrax.  Very easy to follow along with her experience and obstacles.”

“The partnership between ASCLD/LAB and Qualtrax just seems to make sense to me!  The level of efficiency and automation being offered with the new Accreditation Portal sounds like it will provide the means for laboratories to “stay and remain connected”.   Wonderful and exciting news! Thank You!”

Qualtrax University, Learning Lounges, and other Qualtrax-led sessions

“I enjoyed seeing a little of the behind the scenes events for what happens after a call for help is received.”

“Great presenter and great information shared!  I appreciate the dialogue and the energy in our discussion.  I learned several new things.  Thanks!”

“The learning lounge was the most valuable session for me so far. This one on one time was extremely helpful. The Qualtrax team listened and was intrigued by the issues [we have] been having, and worked immediately to look into the new development.  I appreciated this time greatly.”

“YES!!!  I feel like a proud parent…Qualtrax keep doing what you do – innovation…listening to your customers…support us…Great upgrades!”

“Extremely helpful!  I thought I was familiar with reporting but I had no idea what Qualtrax could really do! Thanks!”

Overall Conference

“Great, fun, and some very exciting features are coming in future releases.  I think it is extremely helpful to our planning to know what is soon to be released, and what changes are further away from being included.”

“You guys are going to have a hard time beating this year.”

“WOW!!!!!  Loved it – Loved it Loved it!!!  What a way to be welcomed to the conference and the energy it created showed us all that we were in for a rocketing journey to the Qualtrax Galaxy!! Highlights how much Qualtrax appreciates the Customers and their employees.”

“You guys did a great job putting this together. Great chance to talk with everyone attending the Conference and from Qualtrax. Excellent set up, food, drinks and chance to just relax and hang out with all our new friends.”

“It is invaluable to have such direct, one on one access to the Qualtrax staff and get personalized assistance with our questions.  Access to other users is also a key value in the conference…We did not realize until this conference how large some of your customers are.  It is remarkable that everyone we’ve dealt with in the company makes us feel like a valued customer despite our small size – it is a rarity these days to encounter that.”

“The atmosphere of collaboration and two way learning amongst the customers and Qualtrax is priceless.”

Check out our Customer Profile videos!

Start your planning early – the next Qualtrax User Conference will be in Spring of 2016.  More information will be coming your way as we get closer.  We’re getting excited all over again!

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