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It has been said that less is more. When it comes to support tickets, isn’t that the truth? Who wants to have to reach out for support for anything–let alone for critical business software. Although our support team is stellar and quickly resolves issues, we strive to avoid this need in the first place.

Wouldn’t you love to have less issues and therefore need less support? With hosted, that dream can become reality!

To really delve into this, we spoke to none other than our Customer Support Manager, Bill Montgomery. After a customer makes the decision to move from on-premise to hosted, Bill and his team take care of overseeing the process.

“As hosted customer numbers grow, support ticket numbers have decreased,” affirmed Bill. The biggest reason? “The customer is no longer maintaining the server. It is now on us to update the product and maintain it, so we take care of all the minute details that otherwise cause trouble,” explained Bill. When you move your Qualtrax instance from on-premise to hosted, the workload previously placed on your IT team shifts to our team–a major value add.

Additionally, we are also responsible for installing the most up-to-date version of Qualtrax. That means your organization will consistently be on the latest and greatest version. Since we are continuously improving our product, this is great news for our customers.

Perhaps a less expected perk of hosted–that also leads to reduced support tickets and quicker resolution of support tickets–is more direct access. When a customer has on-premise, there are more parties that have to get involved in order to bring about resolution to support needs. There is often the need to loop in an internal IT team and coordinate time that the server can be accessed. A lot of time is spent getting the right people brought up to speed, which is time not spent solving the problem. With hosted, it reduces the propensity for a “middle man” situation and allows us to get right to the point of resolving issues. “It is a direct connection,” said Bill.

We would be entirely remiss to not address why this ultimately matters. Sure, it is about wanting to keep customers happy and offer them the very best in a comprehensive compliance software solution. But beyond that, we know that a smooth and well-functioning compliance software solution allows our customers to spend more time in their genius zone, doing incredible things and making super cool products.

We are going to use Bill’s own words as we go even deeper in meaning. He shared, “We work with so many customers that do amazing things. From folks that make seals in your airplane windows to manufacturing of EKGs and respiratory monitors…when you think about the people we are impacting and what they do, it’s impressive.” We couldn’t agree more. The work our clients do plays a vital role in so many lives, and we are proud to support them along the way. The better our clients can do their jobs, the happier and safer our communities can be.

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