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Need some help getting started with workflow designs? No problem!

You can now view workflow diagrams and download designer files from the support site.

Just log into the support site and go to We currently have four verticals with workflows, most of which were submitted by our users. The definitions for these workflows have been available for some time as files that can be imported directly into Qualtrax (‘.qtwf’ file type). And now you can now get a better sense of the flow by viewing the diagram before downloading!

The coolest part about this is you can make edits to any of the available workflows in the designer module before importing into Qualtrax. Just download the ‘.qtwfd’ file and pop it into the Workflow Designer client tool to begin making edits.

If you have a workflow that you are proud of building and want to showcase your work (and earn some good ju-ju points by sharing,) send it to so we can add it to the library. Be sure to type up a short blurb about the workflow and how it is beneficial to your process so we can include that, as well.

Additional info on using the Workflow Designer can be found in your Qualtrax Help Guide, or if you have any additional questions we don’t cover there, visit the User Forum section of our Support Portal ( and leave us a note.


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