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It’s January 2nd, and most of us are still reeling from too much Egg Nog and New Year’s Eve fun.

A few days ago, at the very end of last year, we released our newest Qualtrax version: 2014 R3!

In this version, Document Control is getting a major overhaul with this release. We’ve revamped the Check In/Out page for editors when using Manual File Transfer. The Document Tree got a much-needed update, paving the way for more to come in the next release. And improvements were also made to the Create Document page and PDF Generation, among many other great additions!

Finally, we squeezed an exciting Workflow enhancement in this release—the Workflow Launcher. In all, we think this is one of the best, most value-added releases we’ve ever put out. We hope you agree!

Check out the Release Notes by logging on to the Qualtrax Support Site and navigating to Documentation>2014>Release 3>Qualtrax 2014 R3 Release Notes.

When you are ready, select the download link to upgrade your system. As always, we encourage you to read the upgrade instructions prior to upgrading. For those needing additional assistance during the upgrade process, we have added a nifty new scheduler to request a technician.

As always, we are looking forward to an AWESOME new year with you!

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