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Is it worth it? This question is on the minds of many people evaluating Compliance Management Software as a solution to compliance challenges. Any sort of software purchase has to be a wise business decision based on confidence in the return on the investment. After working with thousands of customers and organizations over the twenty five years our software has been in existence we are confident in the ROI of our product. Of course though, we can’t expect everyone to take our word for it, so who better to demonstrate those tangible benefits than a Qualtrax customer?
ROI of Compliance Software
Chris Heartsill is the Quality Manager for the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office and a Lead Assessor for ANAB. The Tarrant County office is a full service medical examiner, toxicology and forensics lab, serving 3.1 million people in 4 different counties, as well as providing medical & legal work for police, sheriff, and DA offices. This is a significant operation, and making sure the office maintains its ISO 17025 accreditation and its accreditation through National Association of Medical Examiners (NAME) is critical to its success. He says that Qualtrax “has absolutely been worth it.”

For Chris, where Qualtrax truly excels is reducing “hidden” costs at Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. Those hidden costs include mismanagement of data, searching for papers before and during audits, finding materials that need review, waiting for colleagues to see that paper on their desk–all things that reduce efficiency and productivity and therefore increase costs. Qualtrax gives his office more time back in their day, thus saving them money. Even more importantly, that extra time allows them to better serve the millions in their counties. And that is priceless.

During a recent webinar, Chris demonstrated first-hand how Qualtrax can revolutionize your document control and Quality Management Systems. Microsoft Office or Google Office products only manage documents on a rudimentary level, a lot is lacking when not employing an actual document management system. Qualtrax, he explains, is a “powerful and robust” document management system. With role-based assignments, centralized storage, and hyperlinking capabilities–we make it hassle free.

Our document management system Chris has come to know and value is further bolstered by customizable workflows that can be used for everything from purchasing to CAPAs. Any process that consists of steps, approvals, or requests can be turned into a workflow. These processes are executed with legally binding digital signatures, adding strength to your compliance systems. And with acknowledgment tests–where you are required to confirm having read updated documents–you can be sure your employees are up-to-date on training, policies, and procedures.

Think about it: with Qualtrax there’s no need to shuffle papers between people, organize and maintain physical file folders of documents, or chase down colleagues for signatures. Changes made to manuals and procedures can be recorded and saved; if there’s a need to find testing procedures from five years ago after being subpoenaed, for example, you can simply click a button in Qualtrax to access it instead of sorting through file folders. Everything is automated, recorded, and archived, from start to finish.

So is it worth it? We know it is–and Chris supports this claim beautifully during his webinar!  Sign up to listen for yourself to hear Chris’s confidence in his decision to manage compliance with Qualtrax.

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