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Accredited Medical Examiner and Coroner offices, large and small, currently use Qualtrax as medical compliance software, to simplify and manage compliance to ISO 17020, NAME, and various other requirements.

Reaching accreditation can be daunting and burdensome. Evolve past paper and Excel and let Qualtrax automate your document and process controls. Implement our comprehensive software package, including templates and processes from industry best practices, to get over the accreditation hurdle with ease. And provide a single window into how your organization meets each requirement, streamlining the audit overhead and improving your ROI.

Some of our customers include Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office, DC Office of the Medical Examiner, Arkansas State Medical Examiner’s Office, Rhode Island Department of Public Health, Alleghany County Office of the Medical Examiner, St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office and even ANAB.

Kick off 2017 right by joining us for just 30 minutes for the Time Is On Your Side: Managing Accreditation with Automation Webinar. 

Product Feature Benefits

Accreditation Management

  • Centralize auditable data into a single web-based interface
  • Reduce audit prep and auditor onsite time
  • Ensure compliance to ISO 17020, 17025 and NAME
  • Receive new requirements as updates are available
  • Get management reports automatically delivered on set schedules


Document Management

  • Centralize all documents into one repository
  • Ensure everyone works off the same published revision
  • Manage compliance with role-based actions
  • Built in search capabilities, as all document content is indexed
  • Set review timeframes and owners for each type of document
  • Support for any file type, with no reformatting required to import


Process Management

  • Automate required processes for customer complaints, corrective actions and more
  • Remove inefficiency by creating electronic forms and routing for any process you can flowchart
  • Customize the type of data collected at each step, including the ability to upload file attachments and images
  • Pull from our  best-practices library for ready-made templates
  • Report on all active and past processes, as every field on every form is reportable
  • Enhance overall visibility, including gaps and bottlenecks, and increase your ROI


Testing & Training

  • Ensure role-based requirements are read and understood
  • Automate new-hire and continuous training tasks
  • Gain visibility and insight into authorization level and performance
  • Access real-time training data
  • Prove employee effectiveness