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The complexity of NERC Compliance is a cost, risk, and frustration issue for most Utilities. The good news? Many of the frustrating elements of NERC Compliance can be simplified.

Introducing Qualtrax

Qualtrax offers a NERC Compliance solution designed to Simplify your compliance program. The solution includes Simplified Evidence Management for all NERC Compliance Standards and supporting Compliance Controls for all of NERC CIP and PRC-005.

Using a common user-experience framework, Qualtrax Controls guide users to upload the correct evidence to demonstrate compliance. Built-in to each Control are Compliance Conformance Checklists covering every Standard, Requirement, and Sub-Training. Qualtrax Controls guide users to successful compliance practices while educating them on the expectations in the NERC Standards.

Control Reports make it easy to review activities as they are performed. Recurring scheduling, mitigation plans, rework loops, and notifications help manage Compliance end-to-end with visibility into every aspect of the program.

Simple to deploy and easy to train users on, the Qualtrax NERC Compliance solution can significantly reduce the work required from the organization to execute its compliance program while helping protect it from the risk of compliance failure.

The primary areas where man-hour reductions are realized with Qualtrax include:

Cost Reduction from Simplifying Compliance Activities

Compliance activities are simplified with a common user interface that prompts for evidence collection and selection, includes built-in compliance checklists, and routes work to the appropriate actions/parties.

The interface guides the user to completing all required activities and the common user interface design makes it easy for people to perform different Tasks in different Controls.

How much will you benefit from simplifying compliance activities? Anywhere from 20% to 70% of the man-hours you spend on compliance activities now.

 Cost Reduction from Simplifying Evidence Management

Everyone with NERC Compliance experience knows the frustration of keeping up with evidence documents and their relationship(s) to the NERC Standards (documents are often evidence for multiple Standards, Requirements, and Sub-Requirements).

Not with Qualtrax. The simplified human-readable Evidence Folders included in the solution make it easy for everyone to interact with evidence, whether you’re collecting, reviewing or verifying compliance. Folders are mapped to Standards, Requirements and Sub-Requirements and evidence automatically inherits this metadata making NERC reporting a breeze. The built-in Evidence reports make it easy to slice-and-dice compliance by date range for Standards, Requirements, and Sub-Requirements.

Risk Reduction from Simplifying Compliance Activities

Quality, which directly drives Risk, is the other key benefit of this approach. Simplification combines uniform behavior with transparency and organization to produce a better, more consistent result. The improvement in quality in the compliance program directly translates to lower risk exposure due to the smooth, transparent operation of the program.

Other Benefits from Simplifying Compliance Activities

Scheduling and Managing Work – Recurring scheduling, Preconfigured Compliance Roles, Automatic Work Assignment, and Notifications ensure compliance activities are scheduled and managed effectively.

Oversight and Compliance Assurance – Control Reports, Notifications, Compliance Checklists, and Compliance Review / Approvals ensure the organization has complete visibility into the current state of compliance and compliance activities.

Employee Satisfaction Improvement – Ease of use, automation, transparency and compliance activity guidance make sure everyone involved in compliance feels empowered to perform their compliance responsibilities in a confident and efficient manner.

Compliance Maintenance – Qualtrax provides updates for new Standards (including solution Controls, Standards, Standards associations to Folders, and Evidence Folders changes). Activating a new Control and deactivating the old one completes the update.

Culture of Compliance – In the Qualtrax solution, actors playing roles (Compliance Roles) engage with a User Interface designed to help them play their part in the “NERC Story.” Guiding text, checklists, and other information subtly reinforce the culture-of-compliance mindset.

Compliance Maturity – The Qualtrax solution offers a mature model that helps everyone understand what NERC compliance is all about and what role they have in it. Controls offer flexible scheduling so that non-required quality assurance reviews can be run to ensure an ongoing state of compliance.

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