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For cannabis testing labs seeking accreditation or accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, Qualtrax offers a comprehensive quality management solution that gives you more than just secure document management. Our all-in-one platform also includes a testing and training component to help document competency, and our industry-leading workflow builder allows you to automate any paper-based task while preventing deviation from your process and guaranteeing appropriate documentation. We offer all of this in a secure, hosted environment managed by quality experts.

A Potent Solution for Quality and Compliance

  • 17025 QMS QuickStart

    The 17025 QMS QuickStart is designed for labs looking for the fastest path to accreditation. We worked hand-in-hand with A2LA WorkPlace Training to bring you a sleek, streamlined quality management platform to get you up and running as quickly as possible. While no quality management system is 100% turn-key, this is as close as it gets!

    This package includes templates for all of the documentation you will need to meet your accreditation requirements, pre-loaded into the fully-functional Qualtrax platform. You will still need to write your processes and procedures, but the fill-in-the-blank-style templates for documents like your Quality Manual and position descriptions, among many others, will ensure you have all the requisite documentation in place, greatly reducing the amount of time you need to spend preparing for your audit and accelerating your path to accreditation.

    The 17025 QMS Quickstart is designed to help you establish a foundation that you can build on as your processes and your business grows and evolves. It provides start-up labs with the minimum requirements necessary to move successfully down the path to accreditation. As your organization grows, Qualtrax will grow with you. The platform you receive with this package is our full-service solution that also includes our more advanced Best-in-Class workflows that will be ready to deploy when the need arises. 

  • No Full-Time Quality Manager? No Problem.

    For start-ups and smaller labs who don’t employ a full-time quality manager yet, the Qualtrax workflow engine provides all the automation necessary to ensure you don’t have to worry about maintaining your compliance as long as you are actively using the processes built into Qualtrax.

  • The Value of Process Automation (Workflows)
    • Our Best-in-Class workflows come ready to deploy, right out of the box.
    • Customized workflows allow for continuous improvement and allow for incorporation of processes that are unique to your lab.
    • Workflows are an excellent tool for mapping out processes, standardizing practices, and scheduling recurring events like equipment maintenance.
    • Comprehensive dashboards make it easy to report non-conforming events and provide visibility/transparency into the process.
    • The Risk Assessment workflow helps simplify continuous improvement/cause analysis.
    • Workflows accelerate workplace training, helping get new-hires up to speed quickly.

Product Feature Benefits

Accreditation Management

  • Web-based portal houses all auditable data in one centralized location
  • Achieve a state of perpetual audit readiness
  • Less time required for audit prep and on-site audits
  • Manage ISO 17025 and TNI compliance requirements
  • Set schedules to automatically generate and deliver management reports

Document Management

  • Version control ensures you’re always looking at the most current version of your documents
  • Set review timeframes, actions and owners for each type of document
  • One centralized location for all of your documents, in any format
  • Qualtrax Hosted ensures access to your data, regardless of location

Process Management

  • Automate processes for production pipeline, corrective actions, customer complaints and more
  • Find gaps and bottlenecks with enhanced visibility of processes
  • Full control of what data is collected at each step, including the ability to upload file attachments, images, etc.
  • Unrestricted reporting capabilities: every field, active or processed, is reportable
  • Cultivate a culture of quality and continuous improvement

Testing & Training

  • Ensure all employees read and understand individual role requirements
  • Automate new-hire and continuous training tasks
  • Gain visibility and insight into performance and employee effectiveness
  • Access real-time training data