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You work in a new industry facing a lot of scrutiny – so quality and safety are indispensable.

Qualtrax serves Cannabis Labs by providing the best tools available to manage their compliance to ISO 17025 and TNI. Qualtrax is flexible, so as industry regulations change, Qualtrax will adapt with them.

For new labs looking to get a quick start, Qualtrax provides a hosted system that eliminates the need for you to purchase expensive servers and constantly maintain them. You will hit the ground running with best-in-class workflows offered right out of the box.

Our workflows are easily updated and modified to fit your individual accreditation, industry and laboratory needs. We understand the compliance pressures of ISO 17025, having worked with testing labs for decades, and no Qualtrax customer has ever lost accreditation while using our software. We simplify accreditation so you can focus on your operations.

Want a quick intro to Qualtrax? Join us for a half hour demo of the system.

Product Feature Benefits

Accreditation Management

  • Web-based portal houses all auditable data in one centralized location
  • Less time required for audit prep and for auditors onsite
  • Manage ISO 17025 and TNI compliance needs
  • Set schedules to automatically deliver management reports

Document Management

  • Version control ensures you’re always looking at the most up-to-date version of your documents
  • Set review timeframes, actions and owners for each type of document
  • One centralized location for all your documents
  • Qualtrax Hosted ensures access to your data regardless of location

Process Management

  • Automate processes for production pipeline, corrective actions, customer complaints and more
  • Find gaps and bottlenecks with enhanced visibility of processes
  • Full-control of what data is collected at each step, including the ability to upload file attachments, images, etc.
  • Unrestricted reporting capabilities- every field, active or processed, is reportable
  • Cultivate a culture of quality and continuous improvement

Testing & Training

  • Ensure all employees read & understand individual role requirements
  • Automate new-hire and continuous training tasks
  • Gain visibility and insight into performance and employee effectiveness
  • Access real-time training data