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Imagine for a moment trying to put furniture together without a guidebook, or even with a guidebook that isn’t very good. Imagine all the frustration of trying to figure out how two pieces connect and where different types of screws are used.

On the other hand, imagine having a really easy to understand instruction manual, or better yet, an expert there helping you. Think of how much smoother and refined the process would be. Not only would you get everything put together, but you might even have some fun while doing it.

That’s the power of an excellent training team and why trainers are so invaluable. An expert trainer can make whatever they are teaching: interesting, understandable, memorable, and an all-around great learning experience.

We can all agree, a great trainer is more than just an instruction manual, they are storytellers, cheerleaders, and teachers all in one. We wanted to take a moment and really break down why they are so important, while also giving our amazing training team some of the recognition they deserve.


Trainers Are Important Because They…

Provide Insight

“I’ll be honest,” Jerry Broome, VP of Operations and Purchasing from the Reynolds Company began, “I didn’t know what to expect.”

Jerry continued, “Susie quickly assessed our situation and needs, and set about totally revamping our process flow based totally on our input, but with her thoughtful and attentive guidance. This … was exactly what we needed.”

Ann Beaudoin a Quality Assurance Criminalist from the New Hampshire Police Forensic Laboratory commented, “Workflows have been my nemesis, but this session with Carey really helped me to understand them and I was able to build one during the training time.”

Make Sure Everyone Is Aligned

“The instructor [Tim] was pulled in many different directions. He calmly took it all in and managed to get to each and every one of us for all concerns,” Sarah Kinder, the Quality Assurance System Analyst for Flex Films Inc. shared with us.

“The training was well laid out,” Todd Carney, SABIC’s Quality Team Leader began. “Tim and Patrick did a great job keeping the training moving as well as stopping at any point to make sure everyone was up to speed.”

Are Passionate About Their Subject and Helping Others

From the NYPD Laboratory, Kathlee Tumbrink a Criminalist commented, “Susie was a great trainer and her enthusiasm about the product is contagious!”

Patrick and the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority team enjoying a quick break together.

“Mr. Hatcher is a living embodiment of selfless service, esprit de corps and team cohesion because he wants the best outcome for his customers which was evident in this thorough two day onsite training,” Michelle Robertson the Quality Assurance Officer for the Guadalupe Blanco River Authority shared.

Michelle continued, “He has an excellent rapport with his customers which I attribute to his excellent communication skills, his expertise with Qualtrax and his affable demeanor. Mr. Hatcher is a competent individual with a high level of integrity, technical competence and organizational skills.”


Again, great trainers are insightful, keep everyone aligned, are subject matter experts, and have a drive to help others succeed.

Here at Qualtrax we are so lucky and grateful to have such an amazing team of trainers who each exemplify all of these qualities, and we are so glad that our customers can see how amazing they are too.

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