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Do you remember the iconic Tootsie Roll pop commercial in which a little boy proffers the question, “How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?” After one, two, three the wise owl loses patience, bites the lollipop, and the narrator advises, “the world may never know.” While the world may never know the answer to this satisfyingly sweet question — our team does know the answer to a parallel question involving our Quality Management Software product.

How many clicks does it take to get the job done?

While not a one-size-fits-all answer, we do know that for one customer in particular, J. Rettenmaier USA, they went from 17 clicks to one. Think about that for a minute– this manufacturer was able to simplify their quality assurance experience in a big way!

Imagine yourself, staring at your computer screen, mouse in hand. Now, think about clicking a total of 17 times to accomplish one process. Are you frustrated just thinking about it? Yeah, we are too!

For us, our purpose is to come alongside testing labs, manufacturers, and others facing compliance burdens, to support a happier, more efficient, and less stressful workday. The reality is, working in compliance often comes with a lot of burdens. Having to click around your computer screen 17 different times is just not necessary and not conducive to the type of days we envision for our customers across the globe– there is a better way.

Workflows in particular are a game changer when it comes to simplified and streamlined days. Essentially, think about it as a digitized set of dominoes. With limited clicks, you are able to set an automated process into motion that executes pre-defined steps and notifies critical people along the way. It creates consistency, visibility, and transparency– all while making for a quicker process. No more chasing down papers across your organization. No more sending group emails, reminding everyone they need to sign off on a business critical document. Our system does that heavy lifting for you!

Sure, this all sounds great but it may leave you wondering how you’d even have time to make workflows a reality at your organization. That is the exact reason our team built out a series of workflows we have labeled as “Best in Class.” These workflows are predefined (but still customizable) based on our decades of experience within compliance software. It helps guide our customers that are newer to the idea of workflows and creates a shorter roll-out timeframe for customers who know exactly what they want when it comes to automated processes.

If you find yourself facing the semi-rhetorical question of, “how many clicks does it take to….?” and are frustrated with the answer, please reach out! Our team is excited and eager to talk to you about how workflows (process management) and the other comprehensive aspects of our software can make your work life simplified, structured, and dare we say, sweeter, each and every day!

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