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There is a difference in hearing and really listening. Here at Qualtrax, we place a lot of emphasis on being the kind of organization that listens exceptionally well to our customers. We know that as our customers must continuously improve within their Quality Assurance departments, we must do the same. Without truly hearing the feedback of those we serve, this is not possible.

We have multiple mechanisms in place to get this feedback. From personal phone calls and visits to our “Aha!” board and support portal, we are constantly on the lookout for how we can be better and serve you better. That’s why a recent compliment from a customer was such an honor to receive.

The compliment is in the context of our recent “keying system” or licensing structure for our hosted software. With this new system, we have a series of basic licenses that allow anyone across an organization to log into the Qualtrax instance with a “read only” access with the major exception of being able to initiate workflows. Yes, that is huge! It means that Quality Assurance is able to be shared across organizations, which honors the spirit and intent of ISO 17025.  This customer shared, with a smile in her voice:

This new keying system goes along with the Spirit and Intent of 17025 – All employees are responsible for Quality. Now we can make sure All employees use Qualtrax and are logged in – this is great!

We know, and our customers know, that one huge benefit of our software is how it helps bring down silos that limit the cross-functional adoption of quality within companies and organizations. As we have enhanced and emphasized the value of hosted we were thrilled to hear one of our customers is so pleased with how this change supports best practices of ISO 17025 compliance.

We felt providing a hosted offering was absolutely critical remaining relevant to our client’s needs for this exact reason; it provides instant access to all employees. If you have internet service you have Qualtrax at your fingertips!

The reality of Quality Assurance is that it must be something each employee participates in. It can’t exist in a silo or within only one department if it is to truly be effective. It must be part of a widespread and transdisciplinary company culture. Accessibility is a key step in making that a reality. With hosted access, each employee has quality assurance resources at their fingertips.

There are some clear and obvious benefits to the ability to log in as needed from nearly anywhere. However, we’ve enjoyed seeing how hosted has transformed our customer’s realities in unexpected ways. Like Eric Davis from Austin Water. He realized that after going hosted a training that used to require shutting down three locations, for a full day, could be accomplished within Qualtrax. Eric shared, “Once we create the training we let everyone do it at their leisure. We don’t have to get everyone combined.”

Since everyone can complete their testing and training anywhere at anytime, there was no longer a need for the entire company to stop operations and meet for an entire day just on training. It’s a strong example of how Qualtrax supports a culture of quality and saves our customers time, money and stress in the process.

It is encouraging feedback like this that energizes us forward towards better solutions for our customers and the compliance challenges they face. We are thankful for a purpose that propels us and allows us to serve those making critical contributions to society.

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