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Just a few months ago we were named to the Virginia list of 2018 Best Places to Work and we’re now thrilled to announce that we are a finalist for the National 2018 When Work Works award.

When Work Works recognizes employers of all shapes, sizes, and types that are using workplace flexibility to enhance business and employee success. It then shares the results of its research on workplace practices to help all businesses continue to improve for the better.

When considering what contributes to a great work culture, our HR Director Jacqueline Lackey shared, “culture is about treating your employees right on a daily basis. Supporting them through life and everyday moments.” She continued, “It doesn’t take a huge budget to be compassionate, to challenge each other, to be honest, to learn, or have fun together. It just takes leaders who believe in their people.”

Jackie added, “I love working at a place where I don’t have to apologize when my child is sick and I need to care for them. I can take that time for my family, but that’s not to say that it isn’t noticeable when I’m gone. I’m missed when I am out, because I’m a valued, trusted, and respected employee, and I work hard to reach my goals accordingly.”

To get this far in the awards program, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) measured us against their research in the National Study of Employers. We then had to rank in the top 25% percentile of employers nationally to continue in the running as a finalist – wow!

While we hope we win this award, we are also excited and honored to be a finalist. Being considered in the top 25% of companies in the United States is a big deal.

When asked why she thought Qualtrax ranked so well, Jackie said, “We don’t believe in work-life balance – we believe in a work-life blend. Life is all day, everyday. It doesn’t turn off when you go into work.”

She added, “a great workplace allows its employees to shine through encouragement, feedback, failure, learning, and recognition. It should never be a place that inhibits your ability to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Where there is a good blend, you’ll find happy employees and happy customers. Qualtrax believes in that and in it’s people, which is how we are able to be so successful.”

We’re honored to represent ourselves, our local community from Southwestern Virginia, and our customers across the globe!

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