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Ever wonder what happens when you submit a request for help from the Qualtrax Services Team?

We use a process called Kanban which is a scheduling system for lean manufacturing environments. We have found Kanban effective in promoting high quality and establishing work in progress thresholds.

The following ticket is tracked from beginning to end with our fictional customer, Gotham Industries. 

Bruce Wayne at Gotham Industries is building a new workflow and has a few best practices type questions. Using his Bat Computer, he emails support at

The email to support triggers our OnTime system to create a ticket number (#19564).

The “gate keeper” that monitors incoming tickets sees the request from Bruce Wayne and creates an index card with a ticket number, name of customer, brief description, and incoming date. The card is prioritized in a “ready” queue.

The next available service technician grabs the question from Bruce. Jennifer Mecca places her Hokie Bird sticky on the ticket identifying that she owns it.

Jennifer then calls Bruce at Gotham Industries to walk him through creating the workflow. Oops! Bruce is off saving a cat stuck in a burning building so Jennifer leaves a voice message and places the ticket in the scheduling column.

That afternoon, after retrieving the cat from the burning building, Bruce calls Jennifer back. She creates a remote session and gives guidance in creating a new Safety Training workflow.

They finish creating the workflow and Bruce says, “Holy compliance software! This is awesome!” He wants to create some email actions then run through some test scenarios with Dick Grayson. Jennifer mentions that she will check-in with him tomorrow to see if he has follow up questions. Bruce says, “Appreciate it. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel, talk to you tomorrow.” She places the ticket in the waiting on customer column.

The next day, Jennifer calls Gotham Industries and asks Bruce Wayne how the workflow testing went. He lets her know it was a success and has a feature request to integrate workflows with the Batmobile.

Jennifer captures his amazing idea and lets him know we are adding it as a feature request for future consideration. Bruce Wayne then says in a hurry, “Thanks so much, you have been very helpful. Oh no, we have to go…to the Bat Cave Robin! Bye Jennifer, thanks!”

Jennifer then places the ticket in the Preventative Action (PA) column to document the feature request from Bruce Wayne. She also identifies some improvements needed to our help guide around workflow creation. She logs her resolution in the ticket, enters her work log hours, and sends a resolution summary to Bruce with a customer survey. Then she closes the ticket.

Bruce Wayne reads the resolution email and submits his comments in the customer incident survey with a 

So ends the journey of the life of our ticket for Gotham Industries. Until next (Bat) time …

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