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Electronic workflows have long been a way to automate business processes, bringing efficiencies, removing redundancies, providing visibility, and increasing auditability, not to mention going paperless! In the last several releases, Qualtrax has added powerful features greatly increasing workflow capabilities, letting one process kick off another, porting data from one to another, and allowing for one to wait on another before proceeding.

Our latest addition brings back one positive advantage of paper: customizable output. With our new Form Filler feature, you can take data gathered in a workflow and automatically populate fields in a Word template at any point in the process. In other words, you can now goldplate your processes with pretty, tailored outputs that fit your businesses’ needs.


Left: Qualtrax Workflow Process | Right: Filled Form, in PDF format

Need a graphical signature to make the form authentic? No problem.


Graphical Signature

Each form can be automatically PDF’d, and the files (in PDF or DOCX/DOCM) can be attached back to the workflow as a record. Filled forms can also be placed in your Qualtrax document tree in a specific folder based on selections in the workflow, per department, for instance.


Filled Forms Dropped into Document Tree by Location

Read more about this unique feature’s many additional capabilities on our customer Support Portal, check out a short video overview, and upgrade to 2016 R2 to plug it into your workflows. Just contact when you’re ready to start gold plating your processes.

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