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With the 2014 R3 release, Workflow Launcher officially became available for use, giving you the ability to kick off one or more workflows from an existing workflow. See the Support Portal post on how to start launching new workflows once you’ve upgraded.

But, did you know we’re making even more exciting updates?

Coming soon in 2015 R3, you will have even more options as to who is responsible for the launched workflow as well as the ability to automatically copy data from the original workflow into the launched workflow, plus, an even better interface.

Responsible Parties

With the initial release of Workflow Launcher, you had the option to choose which group you wanted to assign as the responsible party for your launched workflows. With 2015 R3, you have the capability of being much more specific!

You can choose any group in your system, or you can choose a user or group from a personnel field in the originating workflow. For example, you may have chosen Lisa (from a personnel custom field) as the supervisor contacted for a customer complaint, and therefore, you’d like Lisa to be the responsible party for the initial step of the CAPA workflow that is launched.

You also have the option to select the Primary Workflow Initiator, i.e. person who initiated the originating workflow, as the Responsible Party for the launched workflow.

Copying of data – automated!

In the current version you have the ability to copy information from the first workflow into your subsequent launched workflows.

Simply create custom fields that can be used in both (or all) workflows involved, and select those same custom fields in both the original and launched workflows. Presto! Information from the original workflow is populated into the launched workflow!

A new look

Workflow Launcher is getting a facelift in 2015 R3. Not that it wasn’t beautiful already, but now it’s got pizazz!

With our upcoming release you will select Automation Step, formerly known as System Action, at the location in your workflow where you want to launch another. This is where you go to choose the workflow you want to launch and the responsible party for that launched workflow.

Not only does this step look better, but it’s even easier to manage. Just select the workflow you want to launch from the dropdown of workflows currently in your system, and then select the responsible party. You can clearly see what you’ve chosen once you’ve made your selections.

And because we are always looking ahead, here are some additional items that are planned for the future of this awesome tool.

  • Hold Step (2015 R4) – makes the parent workflow wait until all launched child workflows pass through a given step
  • Data Copier (2015 R4) – pushes data from the current workflow to another (parent or child) workflow
  • Form Filler (2015 R4 or R5) – automatically populates Word templates with data from the workflow, so you have prettier output for certificates, reports, forms, etc. (not just for Workflow Launcher, but for all workflows)

Check out the Support Portal for continual updates on the product as it is now and future releases.

You’ll be as excited as we are!

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