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Qualtrax is excited to announce that you can now link documents together in a way that you’ve been asking for: jumping from a link in one document to a specific location in a Qualtrax generated PDF.

This functionality improves document control for every customer, and makes complying to regulatory standards that much easier. We believe that improving Qualtrax means more than just fixing bugs, and that’s why we value your feedback. You helped drive this functionality! A big shout out to our Development Team, who dedicated Research and Development time to this issue and found the solution!

So what does this mean for you?

  • Get there faster: The days of searching through a lengthy document are over. Let Qualtrax cure your linking woes.
  • Streamlined Conformance: Link documents directly to the specific locations in quality manuals where they comply.
  • Easier audits: Auditors don’t like searching through lengthy documents, either. With the ability to link directly to a specific location in a quality manual, audits instantly become more efficient and your auditors are happier.

Specific location hyperlinking is just one of the many document control features you can now enjoy. When you purchase Qualtrax, you get a team of dedicated employees who are interested in making your life easier!

If you are a Qualtrax customer, please login to the Qualtrax Support Portal where you can find full instructions for the hyperlinking functionality. (login required). 

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