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We recently highlighted the newest additions to our Sales and Marketing team, so now it’s time to introduce those who will be working in engineering! Learn more about our two newest engineers, John and Dan, as they give us insight into their background and why they’re excited to be at Qualtrax.

My name is John Mullany and I am joining Qualtrax as a Product Engineer.

I was a musician out of high school but then I thought eating was nice. I went back to school to get my undergrad degree in Computer Information Systems. I was then in the MBA/JD program with a concentration in Information Systems at Georgia State. I finished my MBA in 2002. I had brain surgery right after graduation so I was not able to complete both programs. I’m glad I didn’t because I love programming and I am thankful to work for Qualtrax. They are an amazing company that truly cares about their employees and help out with the Blacksburg area by working with some great causes.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family and live on the gulf coast of Florida. I was an avid tennis player while living in the Atlanta area but now enjoy my pool, the beach, and the sunshine.

Here’s what Dan had to say when asked to introduce himself:

Hi, my name is Dan Cook, and I am thrilled to join the Qualtrax team as a software engineer on the product engineering team. I look forward to working with the team to deliver exceptional software.

My love of programming started in high school math class where I discovered I could teach my TI-84 calculator to solve the problems that I struggled with, and, unlike me, it always got the correct answer. Since then I have worked with a variety of companies across numerous industries to build software that makes the hard part of people’s work day a little easier.

When I am not working, you can find me discussing software best practices with local meetups, rock climbing, or off on a road trip chasing the horizon.

Thank you for joining us as we welcome the latest Qualtrax employees to the team! If you want firsthand knowledge of what is happening here in Blacksburg, feel free to subscribe to our blog. You won’t want to miss all the exciting things to come!

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