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With Microsoft’s end of mainline support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 last week, we’re taking this opportunity to inform our customers that the upcoming 2016 R1 release will be the last Qualtrax version to support these browsers. Starting with 2016 R2, only the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer will be supported, meaning they’re fully tested for compatibility with Qualtrax.

This is great news for our customers in the long term as it allows us to integrate new technologies that more modern browsers support, but IE 9 and 10 did not. In short it will accelerate planned usability improvements and decrease the overhead associated with just about every new feature or bug fix—letting us do even more for you in each release going forward!

And since we get this question a lot, most of us here at Qualtrax use Chrome, but we do not officially recommend one over the other as all are fully tested and supported. Please contact Qualtrax Support if you have any questions.

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