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If you read our purpose statement you’ll see that we strive to support our customers because we know their work impacts society in critical ways. From the products we use daily to the agencies and organizations that pursue justice and truth on our behalf, our customer base is impactful. One such incredible company is Cornet Technologies, an OEM that manufactures communication devices for the military to keep soldiers and civilians safe.

Quality Engineer, Michael May, is part of the team at Cornet Technologies that ensures continuous improvement, effective processes, and the utmost quality within their finished products. Amongst other quality credentials, Cornet Technologies is ISO 9001 Certified. For Michael, his motivation and purpose in supporting soldiers through quality compliance is a very personal one.

When Michael was 17 years old he enlisted in the US Army as part of the infantry. He served for 10 years; “Anyone who has done any sort of time in the military comes out with a very robust knowledge of process. Nothing happens in the military without process,” he explained. That has served Michael well as he transitioned out of a career in the military and into a career within quality. “Ensuring the quality of products that I once held and used is an opportunity to continue serving–just off the battlefield,” said Michael. Another common thread that transcends both careers is the variability. As a soldier and as a Quality Engineer Michael can affirm that, “there’s no day that’s the same as the day before.”

Our relationship with Cornet Technologies has spanned a 14-year period — and we’ve been working with Michael for five of those years. When Michael reflects on Cornet’s use of Qualtrax,  it easy to identify the functionality that resonates with him most: process management. Cornet Technologies has been able to move away from using paper systems, thanks to our workflows.

For instance, prior to using Qualtrax for process management engineering changes required filling out a form and starting a 12-person signatory approval process. Michael refers to this as “the circle of death”. There was no standard way to track where the form was within the process, and it was often lost on someone’s desk until there was a situation or “fire” that caused them to go on the hunt for the incomplete form.

With Qualtrax and the implementation of workflows, Cornet now enjoys efficiency and ease of process. The engineering changes process, when executed with the paper system, took 30 days on average. Now, with our workflow functionality embraced, the process takes less than two days–talk about ROI! Cornet Technologies is saving time and money thanks to workflows and process management.

There are additional benefits to process management that are equally real and valuable for Cornet. “Workflows are monumental for the new ISO 9001 requirement. It satisfies every portion of the 2015 documented evidence,” Michael shared. Additionally, quality assurance and continuous improvement can better diffuse throughout the company. “You can now see through the walls and silos that the paper created,” Michael said. “Workflows opened the silos up.”

They are now eager and excited to continue bettering efficiencies with workflows wherever possible. Michael said,  “If there is a paper process, we have turned it into a workflow. We took it a step further, if there is a paper procedure we have put it into a workflow.” Their use of workflows has expanded beyond traditional applications as well. For example, Michael shared, “We also now have an HR workflow for onboarding new employees. After the employee completes the workflow, the information gets uploaded into Qualtrax.” Workflows are now an embedded and crucial part of Cornet Technologies.

Michael’s days are fast-paced and varied–we are honored to know that our software and our team gets to be a part of those days. Michael said, “I wear about a thousand different hats. I love it. Love that everyday is different–which is why I’ve been here as long as I have. The finish line is constantly advancing, so we must also advance.” As Michael and the team at Cornet Technologies continue to advance–helping make our soldiers safer and better equipped–we are honored to advance alongside them.

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