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Because our development process includes new user interfaces, Qualtrax employees are always working to improve our knowledge of web design, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and HTML.

Being more familiar with these areas greatly improves our ability to produce easy-to-use, efficient interfaces and to provide a user-friendly software experience.

Each year, the Qualtrax engineering team is allotted an educational budget allowing us to attend conferences that we see fit for professional growth, continued learning and peer networking. The week of October 13-15, 2014, Jordan Ramey, Allen Tuggle and I had the opportunity to make a trip to New Orleans for CSS Dev Conf 2014.

We attended sessions on topics including the future of design, performance optimization, test automation, CSS architecture and web accessibility. Although we were overwhelmed with information during the sessions, we were also relieved to see that many of the standard Qualtrax Best Practices are widely supported by the development community. The CSS Dev Conf 2014 gave us the opportunity to hone our development skills and to have a little bit of fun – New Orleans’ style.

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