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Many of us remember the days when compliance evidence was kept in a set of directories named for each Requirement.

For those of us familiar with the problem, the challenge of managing evidence documents that apply to more than one Standard and Requirement quickly became unsustainable. Since then a number of approaches have been applied to make this easier, but all still look at the problem from the same perspective.

That’s not good enough.

To fundamentally simplify the management of compliance evidence requires a different perspective – one that focuses on the reality of evidence, not the Standards.

This starts by asking questions like:

  • How do we make it obvious what we need from our users?
  • How do request evidence from users, without even mentioning Standards and Requirements?
  • How do we make the evidence we collect human-recognizable, so that everyone can find evidence with ease?
  • How do we decouple ourselves completely from the Standards and the onslaught of versions?

NERC Compliance Evidence Simplification: Break Free From the Standards!

chain-297842I’d like to invite you to join me for a 30 minute webinar on February 23rd where I’ll demonstrate a new approach to evidence management.

Designed as part of the Qualtrax controls framework, this new way of managing evidence empowers utilities to manage compliance by controls, rather than by versions of Standards.

In this webinar, I will compare the traditional approach to evidence management using Standards and Requirements with the Qualtrax approach, based on the Qualtrax controls functionality.

I will also demonstrate:

  1. How controls interact with evidence in this new model.
  2. What happens when versions change and introduce new compliance expectations.
  3. How this approach easily retains history and reportability.
  4. How this approach creates a new level of visibility and transparency into the state of compliance.


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