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This week we co-hosted an incredible webinar with ANAB  – Best Compliance Practices for Forensic Labs. During this workshop we discussed the top 10 non-conformities for ISO 17025 and how to manage those non-conformities for a more successful audit and manageable workload.

Pat Bencivenga represented ANAB. Pat has been with ANAB since 2008 and serves as a forensics accreditation manager for both testing and inspection. Her main duties include the operational responsibility for the forensic accreditation program. This includes developing program documentation and technical requirements, reviewing CARs, PTs and scope documents from laboratories as well as maintaining assessors, responding to clients’ requests and conducting assessments.

During her time at ANAB, she has found these to be the most common non-conformities:

10.  Measurement Traceability
9.     Purchasing Services and Supplies
8.     Management Review
7.     Internal Audits
6.     Personnel
5.     Equipment
4.     Control of Records
3.     Organization and Management
2.     Document Control
1.     Test and Calibration Methods and Method Validation

For more information on these non-conformities and to see how Qualtrax can help relieve these problems, watch the workshop.

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