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Newly arrived in Qualtrax land!

Have you always wanted to have Qualtrax automatically kick off a new instance of a workflow?
You can!

We recently unlocked a new feature in Qualtrax: you can now configure workflows to be launched automatically on a set schedule!

Here’s how it works:

1) Create a parent “scheduler” workflow someone manually initiates once.

2) Make the 2nd step in the parent workflow a Workflow Launcher Automation step.

3) Make the 3rd step the end/complete step, and set the workflow to expire on whichever frequency you desire (weekly, monthly, annually).

Workflow Scheduler_1

4) Create a child workflow definition to be launched, or link the automation step to an existing one.

5) Put both online and start the parent scheduler process… child worklfows are automatically created on the set frequency. Hooray!

Workflow Scheduler_2

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