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As we round the mid-year mark for 2015, we’d like to provide an update on how the ASCLD/LAB Accreditation Portal project is progressing.

First, a bit of background. The Qualtrax development team has taken a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to delivering this solution. This means we’re building an end-to-end functional portal and process that meet the most critical minimum requirements to facilitate a full assessment. On top of that initial foundation, we’ll add layers of improvements with future releases, allowing the project to meet all requirements in the long term. An MVP approach ensures we focus on the most important needs first and that the overall project is delivered with the highest quality since it will be in use from day one, and only enhanced from there.

Currently, we’re wrapping up the final development needs to deliver this initial MVP version, with a projected delivery date of late Summer. Meanwhile, over the last few months, we’ve also begun mock assessment testing with ASCLD/LAB Lead Assessors using the product as we build it. These sessions allow us to exercise the portal in its entirety, playing all required roles. It has ensured the workflow processes are optimized and all the inputs and outputs are where they should be.

Our next steps are to include laboratories in our mock assessment testing, to capture further feedback, and then go live with a single-site laboratory in the Fall. Our development team will continue adding enhancements, continue mock testing to ensure quality, and we will look to make the portal available to all ASCLD/LAB-accredited laboratories thereafter.

So in short, things are progressing very well. We’re approaching an initial release to select laboratories. At the same time, as we build needed features to support the project, we’re also packaging them into major releases for our Qualtrax customers to take advantage of as well—with 2015 R3 projected by mid-August.

As always, we welcome any questions.

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