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As we wind down the Minimum Viable Product needs for the functioning end-to-end Portal process, here’s an update on the great new features we’re making available in the next release for all Qualtrax customers to use in their systems. 2015 R3 will include the following key enhancements:

Workflows are getting a major power boost. You can now insert an Automation step anywhere in your workflow processes to automatically perform actions and eliminate manual steps. Where you need it, configure the system to launch other workflow processes, as when an Internal Audit process needs to automatically kick off a Corrective/Preventative Action process, with all necessary data porting over.

If you need a unique Corrective Action launched for each finding, no problem—the new Subform Launcher feature allows for that. And using the new Data Copier automation option, you can have each launched Corrective Action automatically update the initial Internal Audit process with its updated data at the end, creating a complete, connected audit trail of events.

This and tons of new usability enhancements will be available in the next few weeks. Again, these additions support both the Portal project and add great value to customer systems as we make them available as well. Just more ways Qualtrax improves your quality system and helps simplify accreditation.

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