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This isn’t a Christmas song sung by Julie Andrews in the Alps. (If that’s what you are looking for, try here.)

Nope, this is a blog post about a few of my favorite things in Qualtrax.

During training, we demonstrate many aspects of the Qualtrax product to new users. All of those features come together to help keep our customers’ organizations running smoothly and effectively.

For example, the Document Control process in Qualtrax maintains controlled and uncontrolled documents in a searchable, reportable, and auditable manner. Workflows increase productivity by decreasing bottlenecks and misplaced paperwork. Groups promote conformance and continuity by providing role based permissions and responsibilities unique to each organization.

These are the fundamental pieces of the Qualtrax system. But, don’t forget some of the hidden gems. In case you haven’t used them yet, I wanted to point out a few of my favorite parts of the product:

Header Footer Updater Tool

Do you have the daunting task of updating headers and/or footers on hundreds or even thousands of documents in your system after a policy change? This task becomes a whole lot easier with the Header Footer Updater Tool. Rather than checking out each document, editing it, checking it back in and completing the approval process to update the new color of your organization logo, you can make the change to the template and apply it to multiple documents at once!


A simple aspect of the product, tests are easy to create and distribute. Not only can they be used as a tool to ensure staff understand specific aspects of their job, but they can also be used to acknowledge receipt of a new revision of a document. Simply create a question asking “Do you acknowledge that you have received and understand this new revision?” and you have a convenient and manageable way to document that the necessary individuals have signed off for the most current version of a required procedure.

Document by Standards Report

Whether you have one set of standards to follow or 20, running the Document by Standards Report enables you to immediately see any gaps in your association of standards and documents. This is a fast and easy way to run a gap analysis to see if you have standards not associated with documents or vice versa. Simply check the filter “Show standards not associated with documents”, and you will have a clear picture of areas you may need to address before an audit.

Smart Restrictions

Restrict lengthy lists so that only applicable choices appear by using Smart Restrictions. Let’s say your company creates 50 different widgets, but only 5 of them come out of your Comeuppance Facility. Create a list of all of your facilities and another of all your widgets, then build Smart Restrictions for each facility. Then, once the Comeuppance Facility is chosen, the available widget types are restricted to only the 5 applicable widgets. It will look something like this:

Gooey, fudgy brownies (okay, so this one isn’t really Qualtrax-related)

All this talk about tasty Widgets made me think about brownies. I’m only human!

Instructions on all of these tools, as well as many others, can be found in your Help Guide (Help>Help Guide). Additional information, tips and tricks can also be found on the Support Portal>Knowledge Base.

I’d love to hear from you on what elements of Qualtrax make you the happiest. Post a topic on the Support Portal User Forum or email me directly at with information on how Qualtrax has simplified your organization.

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