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As you know, this years Qualtrax User Conference is Vegas-themed. As such, we had to share our “Lucky #7” with you. If you’ve already registered, this will confirm you hedged your bets properly. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Register and join us for this 2 ½ day conference happening in September.

  1. Lots of Training at a Low Cost

You know how Vegas is known for those killer buffets? People get super excited about “all the food”—and the low cost. While we aren’t offering buffets at this training we are offering “all the training” at a low cost. To be specific, this is $7,000 worth of training for a fraction of that cost! Oh, and back to the food – it will be delicious at this conference just not a “Vegas Buffet.”

  1. Proficiency. Proficiency. Proficiency.

As our CEO, Amy Ankrum, recently shared, “The conference is really built for education, you will walk away a more proficient user of Qualtrax after attending.”

THAT is the benefit you need to share with your company, when seeking approval to attend. If you need help with requesting that approval we encourage you to download our “justification letter” as a starting point. Remember: your proficiency directly supports your company’s ability to efficiently and effectively meet compliance demands.

  1. You Learn from Each Other

In the words of the iconic musician (ha!) Vanilla Ice, “Alright stop, collaborate and listen.” When you come to the User Conference you will get to hear directly from other Qualtrax Users about how they are implementing our software to improve their compliance efforts. This collaboration will allow you to reap benefits from those who have a different compliance perspective and different experience with our product.

  1. There is Long-Term Benefit

Vegas has a way of producing some pretty unforgettable stories—although we aren’t supposed to talk about them because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The Qualtrax User Conference also produces some unforgettable stories about your experience with our product (fortunately, we can talk about them). As the conference unfolds our team of engineers intentionally gets feedback on items being considered in our product roadmap. Your attendance and input directly shapes the future of our product! Pretty cool, huh?

  1. You Will Have Fun

What fun would it be if the conference were all work and no play? To support the valuable training we are interjecting fun every chance we can get. We know that our success as a company is found in our ability to delight in the work we do. We hope that our passion and excitement is contagious, when you join us in September. Furthermore, we hope you come prepared for a good time—maybe with your best Elvis impression ready to go?

  1. Blacksburg is a special—and gorgeous community.

While Vegas might be amazing for the manmade beauty, Blacksburg is breathtaking for its natural beauty. Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains we are fortunate to live in an area that allows us to work hard—and play just as hard. You will get to experience this special community first hand, when you join us for the conference.

  1. A Customized Experience

We love that our product is so valuable across industries! We are looking forward to seeing customers from forensic labs, manufacturing companies, testing labs, and energy and utility companies—amongst others. We know that these industries share a variety of shared needs and concerns—but also have some unique concerns specific to their particular industry. We make sure to allow for a customized experience so customers can participate in the educational tracks that will bring them the most value. The tracks will be announced in June – stay tuned!

We hope after reading this list you are as excited as we are! September will be here before we know it and pretty soon we will all be in the same place, at the same time, enjoying learning (and laughing) together.

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