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Let’s continue our discussion about the things every quality manager needs to know. This is the second part of this three part series (if you missed the first portion, you can find it here:

I am walking you through the five pieces of advice that on of our customers, Jim Todaro, has to offer. In part one, we looked at #1 and #2. Let’s go ahead and take a look at this next piece of advice that Jim gives.

3. Answer some key questions. Knowing the answers to these questions will control expectations, both from the members of your team and your organization as a whole:

a) What is the main objective you want to accomplish with your QMS? QMS solutions often offer a wide variety of benefits for organizations. Taking advantage of all of the benefits from the start may not be what the organization can handle. Identify the critical measures of success for the project, i.e. the first year milestones to be accomplished.

b) When do you want to implement the QMS? Nail down a timeline with your team.

c) Who are key players and what are their roles? Define the roles and responsibilities your core team members will play. A system owned by everyone is owned by no one. Define system ownership and decision-making boundaries for employees managing the system.

d) What are the logical groups that your employees will be members of? Keep in mind that you already have groups associated with your current procedures. If you are not sure how to set this up, follow your current organizational chart to group employees.

e) What will you do with your current documents? You can best prepare for your new document control process by having every document in an approved state and refraining from editing those documents until after implementation.

In the next post we’ll look at the final two tips from Jim.

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