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Everyone likes to brag that they have the best customers around, but I think we know who really takes the cake. (Hint: It’s us!)

This year is our 25th Anniversary as a company and to celebrate we wanted to take a moment and discuss all the reasons and ways, in no particular order, our customers are the best – because we couldn’t have done it without you all!

  1. Work hard – All of our customers are amazingly hard workers and authorities in their fields. For instance, Dr. Kim Ross, who is an authority on Cannabis testing at one of only about 90 cannabis labs throughout the US.
  2. Play hard – Our customers know how to have fun, like at our User Conferences where everyone dresses up for a silly theme. (Our last theme was QualVegas.)
  3. Great sense of humor – Have you seen this blog by Patrick on how to play a joke on your co-workers? Quite a few customers have admitted to playing this prank…
  4. Welcoming – We love visiting our customers, and luckily, a lot of our customers like us to visit! Many customers invite our team over for a quick tour to learn more about their industry, job, and places of work.
  5. Honest – Our customers are not shy about telling us how we can improve our system and we love it! Not only does it help us get better, but it helps them do their work better, too.
  6. Better together – Not only does Qualtrax help our customers, but our customers help Qualtrax. Together we create something better than the sum of its parts.
  7. Passionate – We love how our customers are passionate about the ways they are contributing to a safer, happier, healthier, and more enjoyable world. Michael May at Cornet Technologies has a great story about why he is passionate about his work!
  8. Always willing to share how they use the product – This one is a little specific, but none the less true. Qualtrax customers are always willing to share what they’ve made in their system and how it’s helping their team, whether with us or with others.
  9. Eager to learn – Here at Qualtrax, we try to be share lots of educational information through blogs, literature, and webinars. It’s nice to see our customers then reach back out to us by engaging in those educational pieces and sometimes even leading them.
  10. Challenge the status quo – Like us, our customers look for ways to make things better. “How it’s always been” isn’t good enough. Engagement through our AHA! site, where customers can recommend ways to improve the product, proves that.
  11. We enjoy each other’s company – Not every company can say that every 18 months their customers choose to spend half a week hanging out and learning more about their product, can they? Well, thanks to our User Conference, we can!
  12. Giving – Each and every one of our customers helps their greater community in some way, big or small. Whether it’s through creating clean water for people to drink like Eric Davis at Austin Water, or keeping our cereal boxes together like the team at Reynolds Glue.
  13. Never give up – Being dedicated to continuous improvement can be an arduous journey with an ever-advancing finish line. We love how our customers push forward and allow us to join them in that pursuit, as they strive for the very best in quality assurance!
  14. Always improving – No one can see the future, but our customers can see how to make a better future, and they do this by striving to be exceptional each and every day. Using processes like Corrective Action Reporting help them make sure they are always on the track to a brighter future.
  15. Wise – We love when customers tell us unique ways they are using the system – sometimes in ways we’ve never even considered. For instance, at NY OCME, their team uses Qualtrax to create workflows for HR processes. (We even have a customer who has a “Birthday Party” workflow.)
  16. Speak on our behalf – Whether it’s at a tradeshow, a webinar, or a blog, our customers are always lending a helping hand by telling others about us and how much we’ve helped them. It’s one of the main reasons our referral program is so strong.
  17. Part of the family – When there is a wedding, a baby, or another special event, we’re the third people to find out (right after the parents and grandparents, of course). We love getting to know our customers and becoming an extended family together.
  18. Team player – It takes two to tango, and we couldn’t ask for a better dance partner. By both of our teams putting in our best effort, we know we have a recipe for success.
  19. Always willing to listen – While our customers know a lot, they’ll admit they don’t know everything (yet anyway) and are always willing to listen to the experts. Our User Conference Workflow Workshops are a great example of this, where they bring an idea and we help them make it a reality.
  20. Take us along for the ride – When you switch roles, not only are we there to say “congratulations”, but a lot of customers take us with them from one job to the next. It really warms our hearts when someone moves to a new company and says, “it’s both of us or neither one.”
  21. Keep us up to date – Every time we get a notification or email saying “We just passed our audit thanks to Qualtrax!” We have to admit that we do a little dance around the office in your honor.
  22. Partner together – As much as we’d like to, we can’t do it alone. That’s why integrating with our customers and partners, like we have with JusticeTrax, allows us to help more people in areas we couldn’t before.
  23. Want to work with us – As one customer put it, “I feel like I have to do a good job with Qualtrax so that when I retire I can work with them.” Trust us, we want to work with you too!
  24. Have stood by us through the years – We never had to go through the awkward teen years, but we still appreciate all the love and support from our customers who have stood by us through it all.
  25. Celebrate getting Qualtrax, just like us – We love a good party, and we know our customers do too. It’s always encouraging when you can hear the cheering in the background as they send in their order confirmation. In that moment the disco ball turns on at our headquarters in their honor.

As a special thank you for your part in our journey thus far, we’ll be doing a drawing for a Qualtrax jacket from our store for any customer who tells us their favorite reason for being a Qualtrax customer before August 31, 2018. You can enter the contest by tagging us in a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn post, commenting on one of ours, or sending us an email. Just make sure to add what you love most about being part of the Qualtrax family so we know to add you to the drawing.

Thanks again for all of you amazing people and for making these 25 years the best 25 years ever (at least until we reach our 50th anniversary)!

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