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Hello again, compliance compatriots!

As you may recall from our last product release, we’re in the process of doing a little “spring cleaning.” For our first release of the year, 2019 R1, we have added a few additional cosmetic touch-ups to our Login Page and Navigation Menu to enhance your overall user experience.

We’re providing a general overview of the changes in this blog post, but if you really want to nerd out on the full release notes, you can find them here.

We understand that not everyone likes surprises, so we are giving you (the Qualtrax administrator) control over when this new transition is implemented in your company. If you have already implemented the last product release, there is nothing left for you to do! However, if you haven’t (it’s cool – we’re all busy!) please be aware that you will be implementing the new login page from the previous release, as well as the features listed here. As always, please make sure there are no other users logged into your Qualtrax system when you flip the switch. We hope you enjoy!

So, What’s New?

The Login Page has been redesigned to match our new look and feel – sleek, smooth and cool to the touch. The sign-in page has also been updated to match our branding, giving the portal a crisper, cleaner look.

One nifty little addition is the ability to see your password as you’re typing it in. With myriad combinations of passwords rolling around your head, and brainwaves moving faster than your fingers can accurately process, it can be incredibly helpful to actually see what you’re putting into that field. To utilize this feature, simply click on the “eye” icon to the right of the password field. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference!

Finally, the Navigation Menu – that little gray, hamburger-like icon – is now animated. Rather than just appearing and disappearing when you click, the icon is now a constant fixture that will slide open and closed when you click it. Nobody likes a cluttered desk, especially around audit time, so this will provide some additional real estate in the main pane without having to completely dismiss the icon.

While we’re all pretty pumped about these bells and whistles, we’re also continuing to work on some really big features that you can expect to see later in the year. Our team is dedicated to constantly improving and upgrading the Qualtrax system to ensure that you have the most powerful, intuitive and flexible compliance software available. If you’re ready to upgrade, please reach out to our support team at!

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