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Flexibility matters across all areas of life. That’s why with the 2018 R2 release we felt flexibility was the right focus of our development and engineering efforts.

So what’s new?

We listened to your needs around the Document Manager feature which is now no longer required to be an approver. Restricting access to the Personnel table is now an option. And we added safeguards to ensure your data is saved when multiple users are editing the same workflow instance.

2018 R2: Feeling Flexible

We’re pleased to share these updates with you as we continually improve our solution to help you move beyond compliance. If you’d like to dig deeper into what these changes mean we invite you to keep reading….

Documents: Document Manager Functionality

Your Quality team will love this new feature! Users are no longer required to be an approver to be Document Manager for a document or folder. With the removal of this restriction, Document Manager assignment can now be saved and applied down the document tree without impacting the Approval, Review, and Notify Lists and vice versa. How’s that for flexibility?

Workflows: Notification for Concurrent Edits

Do you have multiple users accessing the same workflow instance at one time? If so, this feature prevents users from inadvertently overwriting changes. The user(s) is notified that changes were not saved since it has been edited by another user, providing the opportunity to verify the correct information and save again as needed. We feel really good about how this update will reduce frustration and promote collaboration!

Personnel: Permission to Restrict Access to Personnel Grid

This feature is perfect for those that want to restrict access to the Personnel table. Use the new View Personnel permission to define who can see the Personnel table which includes user profiles with training records.

There you have it! The latest and greatest with our software solution! You can find the necessary upgrade files on our support portal. For those hosted customers out there, you will receive a notification 30 days prior to your upgrade. If you have questions about these updates don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at 800.755.1875 x132 or After all, we know that our people are what powers our product forward!

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