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Our customers work hard for continuous improvement across a variety of industries. Whether manufacturers, a testing lab, or public health organization they know seeking betterment is a critical aspect of who they are and what they do. The same is true for us with our software–we are dedicated to continuous improvement. That’s why we are pleased to share the latest updates made to Qualtrax!

As part of 2018 R1 we rolled out two new improvements:

  • Support for Single Sign On (SSO) using SAML
  • A Timeout Warning

For customers who have not yet switched to a hosted environment (“on-premise”), our support team can help you navigate this release and ensure proper implementation of these changes. Our support team can be reached at

For those customers who have made the switch to hosted, you can expect the upgrades to be made during your maintenance window, you will be notified when your update takes place.

This release does not require updates to client tools. However, an important note is that starting in 2018 R2, the system will only operate with SSL enabled. This is an important change for security reasons and reflects best practices for web-based software.

Eager for more details? Here’s insight on how these changes will impact your Qualtrax instance.

Qualtrax Login Experience

Single Sign-On Using SAML – This provides support for user authentication using a SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) based SSO provider. Now, when a user logs in to a system with an SSO provider configured they will first be prompted to enter their username. Once the username has been entered, the user will be prompted to log in through their SSO provider.

There are major benefits for our customers with this update. For instance, here at Qualtrax, we use Single Sign-On which means that the password one of our team members use to log into their computer, also works to log them into their email, Qualtrax account, Salesforce, and more. This allows our team to focus on their work instead of remembering several passwords.

But SSO doesn’t just make the experience simpler for the user, it’s also safer. While Qualtrax is very secure, SSO providers can add new login controls that Qualtrax isn’t able to offer right now. Things like two-factor authentication and IP based restrictions, make sure your account is the safest it can possibly be.

Session Timeout Warning

We understand how frustrating it is when work is lost because a session times out. That’s why we are thrilled to implement our latest number one portal request–a notice when a session is about to expire.  Once users have reached 5 minutes remaining on their session, the user will receive a timeout warning in each of their open Qualtrax pages. When clicking Ok to dismiss the warning, the user’s session is automatically refreshed. We are really excited how this will positively impact our users and their work days!

Remember you can click the “feedback” link to leave us comments or ideas within Aha!— our customer feedback portal. Your input, interactions, and ideas truly drive our product forward and for that, we are thankful!

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