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Before we get into the overall annual highlights of this year, I wanted to take a moment and introduce a friend who has traveled around with employees and customers alike and showcase some of his journeys this past year.

Flat Yeti’s Adventures

This year our goal was to ‘Conquer The Summit’ with a fun theme of climbing Mount Everest.

You might have seen our friend, Flat Yeti, throughout the year. He was a part of our ‘Conquer the Summit’ theme and helped motivate us throughout the year. Not to mention travel with us around the world!

Here are some highlights from his journeys this year, most of which you can also find on our social sites: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Annual Highlights

Along with Flat Yeti traveling over 50,000 miles this year, we also met some amazing milestones.

1 Set of Twins were Born

2 Couples got Engaged

2 Employees Completed their Bachelor’s Degrees (Another is Working on Her Master’s)

3 Teams Completed the Escape Room Challenge

4.98/5 Customer Satisfaction Rating

12 People Added to the Qualtrax Family (Plus 3 Amazing Interns)

14-foot Tall Christmas Tree (Our Tallest Yet)

18.75 Pounds of Lifesaver Mints Consumed

34 Employees and Growing

85% Growth in Subscriptions

95% Customer Retention Rate

130 Attendees to the User Conference

260 Jimmy John’s Subs Delivered to Headquarters

365 Days of Working to Make Compliance Better for Everyone


As this year steadily comes to a close, whether you’ve been a part of this journey for a long time, or just joined: Thanks for your part in making this a successful year, and may 2018 be even more extraordinary!

From all of us to you, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year too!

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