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Every 18 months we bring together our clients, our team, and our community through our User’s Conference. This two and a half day event is intensive training designed to equip our clients for success with our software and also update them about pressing compliance issues. However, it wouldn’t be a Qualtrax event if it weren’t interjected with lots (and lots) of fun.

As we plan for each conference one foundational decision we have to make is what will the theme be? In year’s past we have rocked out and had the red carpet experience at the movies. This year though, we are feeling lucky. The 2017 Qualtrax User’s conference is Vegas themed! We invite you to join the Fabulous Qualtrax team for this conference experience.

Why Vegas? Well, we had a lot of ideas for themes and a blast brainstorming but there were clear reasons why Vegas came out on top. First off, we know that for our training to be effective it must also be enjoyable. We want this conference to be something our clients look forward to. Sure, it’s educational but shouldn’t it also be fun? When we think Vegas, we think fun!

Also, if you’ve ever attended one of our past user’s conferences then you know we really like to live it up at the cocktail reception. We intentionally pick themes that allow us to get dressed up, let our hair down, and enjoy the moment. Vegas certainly is ripe for potential from a dress up perspective (someone will be dressed like Elvis) and encourages relaxation and interaction. The interaction between our team and also amongst attendees is critical for the event’s success.

As a result of interacting with other attendees you will identify those from within your industry and learn how they are making the most of our software. Beyond that, you will find other people that face the same compliance challenges as you. We have found past attendees really value bouncing ideas and swapping war stories from the compliance trenches, with other attendees. The relaxed atmosphere of our cocktail reception fosters a low-pressure and comfortable environment for those important conversations.

We also picked the Vegas theme because it is what most excited our team. We know that a key to our success is our ability to stay energized surrounding the work we do—whether it is updates to our product offering, signing on new and exciting clients, or planning out our User’s Conference. Finding a theme that gets us genuinely jazzed up is a key step in an event that will be considered a win by our team and attendees a like.

There you have it, our answer to the question, “why Vegas?” Now we ask you, “why not Vegas?” Because we know this is one conference you don’t want to miss. Registration is officially open and we are eager for you to come live it up and learn, Vegas-style.

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