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What is Qualtrax?

Training Management

Managing training records for an entire organization is a full-time job. Manually pulling records and keeping track of training requirements takes a lot of time and resources. Now, what would you say if that could all be automated? Nice, right? With Qualtrax, you can quickly see which trainings employees have completed and where they still need to focus their attention. It's easy to keep track of employee training records in one, secure location. Reports let you quickly see how training is progressing. Since employee training is part of our core product, it's easy to associate trainings with documents or policies in your system. Automated email notifications alert employees that a new training or test is waiting in their inbox.

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Training Management

"One of the top four most common reasons for findings during an audit is lack of records indicating evaluation of competency and effectiveness of training, skills, education, and experience." -Josh Grauso, STR-R


Let Qualtrax take the guesswork and complications out of training management—there's just no reason to try to do it any other way!

Your Current Training Management Processes

  • Trainings must occur on a regular basis, and it takes a lot of manual work to make sure everyone is up to date.
  • It's a headache to get new employees up-to-speed and know where promoted employees have training gaps (it's a lot of manual record-keeping).
  • As policies and procedures change it is difficult to make sure everyone sees the most recent updates and acknowledges those changes.
  • Certifications are difficult to track and manage (and file away).
  • Competency is hard to track, prove, and measure. It's even trickier to find a supervisor to sign-off on competency in a timely manner.
  • It's nearly impossible to see your organization's overall progress on training completion (short of pulling every employee's records).
  • It's hard to track and easily view additional education, trainings, or skills that an employee has achieved if it is outside of what is required by their job.
  • OR maybe you have an electronic training management system, but it is a completely independent software tool that is not intertwined with all of your company's important documentation around training requirements.


You Training Management Process with Qualtrax

  • Trainings are set-up to expire to the responsible party—that means that you can let the system alert you when you need to take action.
  • Trainings are assigned to specific groups and job titles which means Qualtrax will automatically send trainings to the appropriate personnel when they are added to the group. It's no sweat when you hire a new employee or promote someone. Qualtrax will find the training gaps so you know where to go next. This is a huge time saver!
  • Any document in your system can have a test associated to it. When that document is updated, the new test is sent to employees who need to be notified of any changes. You can easily report on that test to see who hasn't acknowledged receipt and/or understanding of a policy or procedure's changes.
  • Certification renewals can be easily managed by using document expiration functionality.
  • When competency sign-off is required, the appropriate manager is notified electronically so that the task can be completed. No need to try to track someone down amid their busy schedule; Qualtrax will do it for you!
  • Employees can look at their own training progress to see where training gaps may be.
  • In just a few clicks, managers can pull reports of their employees to quickly get an overview of training progress and gaps.
  • At Qualtrax, our team members like to see that they've completed all required trainings and see what trainings are available to them that may be optional, but incomplete. Employees also enjoy having the freedom to upload certificates and other training opportunities they've taken advantage of. These certificates and trainings are routed to HR for approval and then kept in the employee's electronic training record. This is a great way to empower employees and give them a sense of pride when they go above and beyond.


Training management is one piece of Qualtrax that integrates beautifully with the other major elements. Use document management to publish your training requirements and important documentation to the entire company; process management makes training requirements and routing completely painless for the entire organization; and reporting gives employees and management an instant look at the training progress of individuals and departments within your organization. In fact, we have an easy-to-read training matrix that quickly gives management a snapshot of any and all trainings you wish to see in your system, whether those trainings are required, and who has completed them. This method of training management is especially helpful for companies who operate in multiple locations. Training is no longer a cumbersome task that takes hours and hours of manual labor. By using Qualtrax, training is a part of everyday company-life - isn't that the way it should be?

One other perk: Qualtrax has a personnel directory that is filled with employee profiles and pictures. This is great for those who are new to the company and are trying to learn new faces, or for very large companies who may be doing locker or personnel inspections but don't really know who they are looking for once they get to the facility being inspected. Once you use it you'll see why we love it so much!