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What is Qualtrax?

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

How many different processes does your company handle manually? Customer complaints? CAPA? Calibration? Vacation Requests? Any process that is handled manually is at risk of getting caught up on someone's desk, getting lost in transit, being held up in bottleneck, and poor visibility of process progress. Here's the great news—any process that can be mapped as a flow chart can be put into Qualtrax to be handled as an electronic  "workflow." Using Qualtrax, your processes will be routed from person to person electronically. Now you can track every step of the process and pull reports to gauge progress. Every workflow, even completed workflows, are stored in Qualtrax for future reference.

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Business Process Management

Streamline your processes, get everyone on the same page, move forward together by avoiding wasted time or roadblocks, and see how smoothly your business can run!

Your current Business Process Management Method:

  • Processes are loosely defined and poorly documented.
  • Each step of the process involves getting a sign-off from a manager or person in charge, and in the process, that person gets busy and/or unorganized and loses the documentation in their email inbox or in a stack of papers on their desk.
  • The process is held up until the person currently responsible for the next step passes the baton to the next person.
  • Individuals interested in the progress of the process want to know where on earth the current process is being held-up. Tracking down bottlenecks in a process can be very time consuming.
  • Perhaps you’re located in different locations, states, or countries around the world, so you fax, scan, or mail documentation to complete one cycle of the process.
  • Repeat.

Your Business Process Management Method with Qualtrax:

  • Define a process, or “workflow” as we like to call it, and map it out using our user-friendly workflow designer.
  • Designate who is responsible for each step of the workflow.
  • Start a workflow with a few easy clicks.
  • When you’ve completed your portion, the next responsible person is automatically alerted that their attention is needed. If they linger for longer than the defined amount of time to complete the next step, they (and their manager) will get another reminder.
  • Report on the progress of any workflow as well as completed workflows.
  • All workflow instances are stored and searchable, so it’s easy to find all of your past work!
  • Repeat with ease.


What kinds of processes are our customers currently managing with Qualtrax workflows?

  • Accident Reports
  • CAPA
  • Customer Complaints
  • Employee Behavior Improvement
  • Employee Performance Reviews
  • Engineering Change Notice (ECN)
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Incident Management
  • Maintenance Requests/Scheduling
  • OSHA/Safety Observations
  • Product Specifications
  • Purchasing
  • Training Requests
  • Vacation/PTO requests

In short, if you can map it out on a sheet of paper, you can automate it using Qualtrax.

Why Workflows?
This centralized business process management tool will allow you to address all company processes and issues from cradle to grave and helps you manage the flow of information from multiple sources of input. Qualtrax can be integrated with existing company tools/systems (ERP, SPC, HR, etc.) which allows all departments in your organization to seamlessly and successfully work together toward your common, core goals.

Designing Workflows
Anyone in your company can use the workflow designer, it’s that easy! So, when a process involves multiple departments, pass the file to a representative in that department, have them map out their portion of the process, and continue from there. During implementation, our team will help you get some of your processes underway so you’ll have some supervised practice. Need a little extra help? Some of our services include additional training and process consultation.