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Handheld Data Capture

Powered by AuditMatic

Handheld data capture powered by AuditMatic takes the headache out of traditional audits and inspections by eliminating paper handling and providing users the ability to easily collect data electronically and report on audit results. In addition, this add-on allows management to ensure appropriate next steps are taken when an audit or inspection fails. Handheld data capture improves speed and accuracy when compared to more traditional, antiquated audit and inspection methods.

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I'm free as a bird now, and this bird you cannot change. -Lynyrd Skynyrd

Enjoy the freedom of handheld data collection. You'll never go back to paper logs again.

Your current data collection method:

  • Audits and inspections are taken using paper logs and clipboards.
  • Paper logs are filed away or transposed into an electronic file.
  • Action taken on critical findings is delayed due to the nature of your manual data collection process.
  • Reporting is manual and/or takes several hours to prepare.
  • Data collected across different plant locations is disjointed and difficult to access.

Your data collection method using handheld data collection powered by AuditMatic:

  • Get rid of that paper, pencil, and clipboard.
  • Collect data anywhere you need to. No need to be connected to a network while collecting data.
  • Data collected is stored electronically and syncs to your network once you're in range.
  • Critical findings can be acted on immediately and can trigger a workflow in Qualtrax for immediate notification and response for the appropriate teams in your organization.
  • Reporting (images too) are simple and available in a matter of minutes.
  • Improved data collection and best practices across your organization and multiple facilities.

"But we don't have programmers on our team."

No need! AuditMatic is designed for non-IT users to setup and manage. Users can easily access the intuitive web-based AuditMatic Manager to organize users, publish forms, assign tasks, and view and share data in real time.

A natural complement to your Qualtrax system

AuditMatic and Qualtrax are in the process of integrating these two powerful solutions.  AuditMatic is a natural complement to Qualtrax compliance software. AuditMatic will route plant floor non-conformances to Qualtrax’s powerful workflow tool, to ensure that corrective action is taken and fully documented. Qualtrax workflows will initiate plant floor data collection tasks on AuditMatic handhelds and receive back observations and actions taken. To learn more, call 800-277-3077.