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What is Qualtrax?

Document Management System

If your company is creating, updating, and maintaining documents, you've come to the right place. Many companies manage documents in paper environments. Other companies maintain documentation using shared network drives, SharePoint, etc. In either of these cases, documents are hard to centrally manage, control, and track. Let our document management system organize your documents for you. Easily access all document revision history in a matter of clicks as Qualtrax provides a full audit trail. Hyperlink from one document to any section of another document to make referencing documents easy. Take complete control over who can see and edit your documents. With the Qualtrax document management system, managing docs becomes easier than you ever thought it could be.

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“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” –Theophrastus

We’ve seen it before! Don’t spend your time on inefficient document management methods.

Your Document Management System Now:

  • Documents are hard to find and organize.
  • Revision tracking is a nightmare (after all, it’s hard to find the most current version of a document or policy when it’s on a cluttered, shared drive or stuffed in a binder somewhere).
  • Securing documents that should have limited readership.
  • Dealing with time-sensitive items in a timely way is hard to maintain and track.
  • Preparing for an audit, and pulling correct documentation for an auditor takes hours.
  • Every department in your company has important documentation and they’re all using different methods for document maintenance.

Your Document Management System with Qualtrax:

  • Documents are organized in one, secure location (search and navigate to your documents with no problem).
  • Revision tracking and an audit trail of each document’s history is automatically maintained and it’s just a click away.
  • Set permissions and securities to ensure only the correct groups or individuals have rights to view or edit certain documents.
  • You can Hyperlink from one document to a specific location or page in other Qualtrax documents, helping your users find specific information easily. 
  • Automatic expiration reminders to review your documents on an as needed basis (you decide how frequently it needs to reviewed, and the system will remind you to go in and do it).
  • Run a report to make sure you’re audit ready, and then let your auditor review any necessary documents from a view-only login. (Give your auditor access to a computer and your intranet and they’ll have access to all the documents they need. No more manual pulling of binders or folders each time an auditor come in.)
  • Every department can use the same document management system and follow a common procedure for managing and maintaining documents. The whole company (even different locations) is unified by using a common tool.

How to make the move:
Moving from your current document management system to a new system probably feels like a huge undertaking, but that’s where our incredible implementation team comes in. We will help you get all of your documents moved, organized as they should be, and associate any standard(s) you’re currently abiding by.

  • We will get your compliance standard(s) loaded into your Qualtrax system.
  • We will teach you how to mass import documents and help import a selection of the documents you want to maintain through Qualtrax, and it’s not just for compliance, this is a multi-departmental solution.
    • Compliance documents
    • OSHA/Safety documents and policies
    • Human Resources documents
    • Sales Information
    • Customer service documents and guidelines
    • Maintenance records and documentation
  • Associate standards with the applicable documents, then run reports to see where your compliance gaps may be.
  • Document management system set-up is simple and requires very little IT support or oversight once Qualtrax has been installed. Before you know it, you’ll be up and running independently.
  • We’re always here to help. If you need anything at all, just contact our support team.