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Polymer Solutions, Inc.

Cynthia explains how Polymer Solutions uses Qualtrax to improve business processes.

Polymer Solutions Incorporated (PSI) is an independent laboratory and a strategic resource for chemical analysis, physical testing, research and development services, and litigation services. PSI is ISO-17025 accredited, GMP compliant, FDA registered and DEA Licensed.

Video Testimonial

We would not be able to work for the clients that we work for if we did not have Qualtrax. Qualtrax makes us look like a big company—when we've been inspected by our customers, they're very impressed by the high-level of compliance we're able to illustrate through the use of the Qualtrax system...they consider the system very robust, and we would agree with that.

Cynthia Rancourt, Director of Business OperationsPolymer Solutions, Inc.