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Polymer Solutions

Why Polymer Solutions implemented Qualtrax and what it discovered

Since 1987, Polymer Solutions (PSI) has been answering difficult questions regarding polymers, plastics and composites. From their home in Blacksburg Virginia, they partner with their clients from around the world to solve their most complex problems through chemical analysis and physical testing. Their beliefs are not just founded in their interest in science, but also in the worth of the people that they surround themselves with, in the pursuit of that science. It's why their experts are not just good at what they do, they are good people too. At PSI they embrace life and enjoy their work. They are independent by design. Their test results reflect their best science and their love for solving problems. Their results are sound, objective, and sometimes even envied.

“We cannot do our jobs if we don’t have good data. Solid, repeatable results help us identify, then solve problems for our clients. Maintaining our quality management system is essential, and everyone here knows it."

Carola BousserghinePolymer Solutions