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Corporate Overview

Our Story

Qualtrax, Inc. is based in Christiansburg, VA. Our company was founded in 1993 and became the first intranet product for supporting and maintaining regulatory requirements for document and data control. We discovered how helpful Qualtrax could be to other organizations in regulated industries when our parent company, CCS-Inc., became the first Virginia-based computer firm to achieve ISO certification in 1996.

Today, Qualtrax is still a powerful document control tool, but over the years has expanded to be much more. Now a true compliance software package, Qualtrax works with companies worldwide to assist them with achieving compliance goals. This includes not only managing documentation, but automating key business processes, streamlining training management, and ensuring critical industry regulations are addressed.

Our customers find that using the process management functionality of Qualtrax enables their organizations to increase efficiencies and reduce errors, by improving everything from customer complaint handling to CAPA management. Auditors love Qualtrax for its strict revision control and security features—all documentation related to standards, processes, and training is right at their fingertips.

We have years of experience within the manufacturing, life sciences, forensic and testing laboratory, food processing industries and others. ISO, HACCP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 are among the many regulations where our software has a proven record of helping companies achieve compliance.

We do not rest on the laurels of our success, but continue to invest in the development of the product. We are continually incorporating new features and functionality into our product based on customer feedback and technology advances and trends.

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